Edmodo – A Great Classroom Tool That Engages and Empowers Students

Over the weekend at a picnic I was talking to a friend’s daughter (Bree, a 7th grader) who asked me if I had heard of the web site called Edmodo, which is a “Facebook like” social media site for education. Bree went on to explain what a great learning and collaborative tool it has been in her classroom. There is no greater testimonial for any learning tool than from a student who uses it! Take a minute to learn about Edmodo and how you can leverage it in your classroom to enhance learning and collaboration. It is a fabulous 21st Century tool. Thanks for sharing, Bree!

A Look At What Schools Could Look Like!

Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning (SCIL) is the research and innovation unit of Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) in Sydney, Australia. NBCS, through SCIL, is seeking to create models for 21st century education that change the focus from teacher-directed paradigms to self-directed engaged learning.  video captures a number of the ‘spaces for learning’ created – using the campfire, watering hole and cave architectural motifs.  Learn more about Principal Stephen Harris.

SCIL: Spaces to learn from SCIL on Vimeo.

How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education

Shifting metric from "teachers per student" to "time per student".

Wired Magazine 7.15.11 The disruptive forces of of 21st Century learning are becoming more evident in schools of the future. Read and watch how schools are leveraging online resources like the Kahn Academy to “flip” learning environments – where students can learn at home and get help at school.

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From Classrooms To Learning Environments

Sydney Center For Innovation in Learning (SCIL) actively seeks to Lead the Change in education. Our vision to engage C21st learners in action. Located in Sydney, Australia, Principal, Stephen Harris, adopts a holistic approach to the process of change across the school, summed up in three words – people, places and pedagogy.

Student Centric Learning Disrupts Traditional Delivery

Dana Middle School piloted a “blended environment” for a 5th grademath class.  With a physical teacher in the room, the curriculum and assessment was all web based – the provider was Apex Learning. This drastically changed delivery – students moved at their own pace (one was done with the course mid year), the teacher was no longer inventing lesson plans or manually correcting work. Continue reading

Schools of the Future Look More Like Starbucks….

Moving from teacher centric to student centric learning environments

Schools of the future look much different than the schools we have today. Think about a Starbucks, comfortable, collaborative and engaging. Technology becomes the enabler of personalized, paced and student centric learning. This is not the school we attended.

The needs of students have changed, and so have the tools we now have to engage them. We know that students learn in many different ways – and the current 1 on 30 model of educational delivery with one teacher, 30 textbooks does not enable a personalized learning experience. Continue reading