Monthly Archives: October 2011

Over 1 Billion People Competing For Our Jobs

Over 16 million Americans are out of work.  But that is only part of the story – there are over 1 billion people entering the global workforce that are competing for our jobs.  Don’t believe me? See  Post your job, see how fast the world bids on it. I have done this – and in less than one hour I had several bids from around the world. A few hours later I clicked the “I Agree” button to hire a small firm in India to do some web based design work. I also had two new friends from India, Pushpak and Dharma. The work product was excellent, timely (close to half the project was complete when I awoke the next day) and much less expensive than it would have cost in the US.  The flat, connected world will require us all to develop new kinds of skills to to compete in the “global talent cloud”.  I hope the next generation is ready….average is over.