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Creating a Vision to Support Next Generation Learning

Schools and Districts too often have a blurry vision of what “technology” means and can do to enhance and support teaching and learning. Technology plans litter the floor of education – well intended roll outs of piece meal plans and wasted educational dollars. In today’s learning environment it is imperative that educational leaders are digitally literate and can help shape a vision of what next generation learning environments look like.

Next Generation Learning Environments (NGLE) are not laptop carts, computer labs, tablets, laptops or online curriculum. NGLE requires an unconstrained vision – and a complete rethink of EVERY step of educational delivery. It is not a budget issue – it is a reinvent and reallocation challenge!

Key considerations to creating NGLE’s are a clear and supporting vision that will lay the foundation for a success. Below are 6 foundational pillars that are critical to shaping future of education.

  • Broadband (to every student home)
  • Curriculum & PD (web enabled curriculum & assessment)
  • Digital Policy & Tools (every student has a take home device)
  • Facilities (schools look more like starbucks & less “bells & cells”)
  • Finance (a plan to support and measure)
  • Infrastructure (shift to cloud & everything has to work all the time)

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